There are various types of gun carry options like ankle, pocket, off the body, off the belt, and so on, and under the off belt carry option, we have the robust and intense side hip carry, and the appendix takes a possibility. The appendix and strong side hip carry are two of the most common carry options, and the better choice between them has been a debate as old as guns themselves.

Quick access to your gun during a fight is paramount because gunfights are usually not depicted in movies; they only last a short period. The appendix and robust side hip carry options both have their advantages and disadvantages. The two carry options are analyzed below

Appendix Carry Option

The appendix carries style is a popular style to conceal a gun that many people implored because of how fast and easy it is to draw out the weapon and engage without much stress.

 The appendix carry option is when people carry the weapon at the front where their belt buckle is. The carry method makes it easier to conceal the gun down while allowing you to move around your usual way. You can also carry an extra magazine with the appendix method because there is an extra pouch for a mag beside the gun, making it easy to reload during a gunfight.

The appendix carry option has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  • It is easy to access

The appendix carry holster option makes it easier to access your weapon because it is concealed in the front of your pants in an IWB holster. In addition, being in the front of your pants automatically eliminates the stress of clearing your jacket or racing to your waist before gaining access to your gun in a gunfight.

  • It is safe

The appendix method keeps the gun at your front at all times, which does not give room for someone to sneak on you from the back to remove your firearm. Before anyone can remove the gun from you, he has to be at the front, and it makes it easier for you to draw out the weapon and defend yourself.

  • It is fashion conscious

The appendix carry option allows the carrier, especially women, to dress the way they want because it is easy to hide your gun under a sweater or blouse. And it is also easier for women because they are shaped differently from men; there would be minor gouging on the gun’s back.


  • Stressful sitting

The appendix carry option hurts when you sit down frequently because the holster and gun keep touching your groin. It is far easier to use the carry option while standing, but the moment you bend your waist, the weapon is gouging back, and nobody is comfortable with a firearm pointing at their junk or its surrounding arteries.

  • Not suitable for fat people

The appendix carry option is also not a good option for plus-sized people because of print issues. To use the appendix carry option, your waistline needs to be appendix friendly, so it is more comfortable for women than men.

Strong Side Hip Carry Option

The strong side carry is also called hip carry and is carried on the firmer side of the waist. Most people are more familiar with this carry method than the appendix because it is comfortable for most body types. However, the strong side carries option requires more practice with the holster because it takes longer to pull than the appendix method.

The method is also easy with either IWB or OWB holsters because it uses the same draw technique. It is a comfortable way of carrying your firearm, even though many consider it as old school. The advantages and disadvantages of the stronger side are below:

  • It is comfortable

The stronger side carries method is a more comfortable method because there is nothing like gouging back on your under the leg. The gun at your side still allows you to move your waist without much stress; if you want to sit down or pick something, it is much easier with the more robust side carry option.

  • Easier draw

 The draw stroke is more accessible and a more natural movement from the hip because it puts the elbow at a right angle as the gun comes from the holster. It is called more robust side hip carry because you are supposed to put the gun on the side of your hip where your more muscular arm is to make it easier for you. You can easily fake removing your wallet for a robber when using the more robust side carry option.

  • Safety

The more robust side carry option puts the gun in a position where it is harder to steal when you are attacked from the front. In addition, it is more secure as anybody that hits you from the show would not feel the gun on you.


  • Slower draw

The hip carry poses a threat of slower draw because it’s not like the appendix carry where the firearm is always in front of you; one factor that makes it slower to draw is that you have to swerve your jacket or garment first. Also, it is slower to remove when you are in a sitting position.

  • Revealing the concealment

In some sitting positions, aside from making it harder to draw the weapon, the hip carry option might reveal the concealed weapon; when you have to reach down or squat, the gun would reveal itself because your cloth position has moved.

  • Reholstering is not easy

It takes practice to get the reholstering of the gun after use; if you haven’t reached the reholstering, you might end up putting the weapon in semi-auto while returning, which can trigger some movements, and this would be disastrous. 

Which is Better?

Both the appendix and stronger side carry option have their advantages and disadvantages, and they apply differently to different types of people. Therefore, it would help if you made your choice depending on the one that suits you. The two carry options also need regular training to perfect them because, without movement, the option might not fit you.

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